5 Common Causes of Knee Pain & Stiffness

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I was dealing with chronic hamstring injuries (tendinopathy) for over a year and was unable to jog/exercise without aggravating my pain. I had tried “Airrosti” therapy, pain medications and ice but the issue continued every time I tried to resume jogging. I had almost given up the idea of ever jogging again when I hurt my knee and started Physical Therapy with Eric Finger. Eric was able to assist me in recovering from my knee and both hamstring injuries. The best thing about PT with Eric was his confidence in my ability to resume jogging and the professional guidance he provided in my journey back to health. Eric was able to get me back to jogging in 12 visits and I am now able to jog a 5k.. pain free! My only regret is not starting therapy sooner! Thanks, Eric at Move Empower!

A. Patton
Austin TX

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